Welcome to our Wiki! This wiki is for writing Fan Fictions about Pokemon! You can also roleplay with others too. You can't write fan games thought. You can have up to 3 fan-made pokemon trainer and up to 5(if your a c.mod you can have 8 and admin you can have 10) fan-made pokemons(Must be real pokemons thought)! Have a good time! =D

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To get a charter or pokemon, go to the requets page. Their type in their name and their lay out. If it's a fan-made trainer, or a speical fan-made pokemon(EX. Sky, Flash), please make sure to say their fan-made. And no mixed breeds! The limties of poke crazziness stops around Sky, a Lucario with wings, spines, sharp teeth, claws and very speical ablitys of the aura. And make sure your person's not being roleplayed! And also, you can't make rip-offs. If you made a guy that's pretty much the total same to well, uh, N, they will be banned from the wiki and you can't talk about the charter ever again on this wikia. ✰WolfStar✰


Pokemon of the Month!Edit


A strong dark-type pokemon, with an awesome look if a shiny. The Zorua on the wiki now is N's Pet, Flash. And also Zoruas are from Gen.5, and star in a pokemon movie! Zoruas truly rule!



Dittos copy people, as a normal type to that pokemon with the same moves! Don't let them copy you :)



The legendary of flying and fire is the ruler of the sky, while is friend Lugia is ruler of the seas. Ho-Oh travels the world looking for a trainer. He's the mascot of Gold along with Silver mascot Lugia and is mascot of the remake, HeartGold.